Motion is a beautiful thing, and it's best experienced at 4.5K resolution.

Southside Cinematheque selection available for watch: daisy.


Didn't get a chance to check out the 2012 Southside Cinematheque film festival? Well then amongst many amazing films, you also missed out on this little gem, until now. Code 10 Studios invites you to view one of our official selections for the Southside Cinematheque, right from the comfort of your media device. 

The Future | The Potential of Future Filmmaking



Without a doubt anyone who dreams of being a filmmaker has always wanted to have their work released to theaters or shown on national television, it’s sort of the mecca of forums for visual story telling. I think that someone that makes a film will always want to have it shown on that giant screen with THX or Dolby digital sound. I don’t think anything could really replace the feeling that seeing something like that could bring, and I think that anyone who really wants to make “tv” shows will deep down always kind of want to see them on tv.

Southside Cinematheque: Final Screening Schedule

Complete list of films and their respective screening times at the Southside Cinematheque 2012 on May 31st, 2012. The event will be held at the Holiday Star Theater (located at 340 Main Street, Park Forest IL.) Showcase begins at 8pm.


Debut of the Southside Cinematheque


Code 10 Studios is proud to present the debut of the Southside Cinematheque, a next-generation film festival designed by student filmmakers for student filmmakers.

8-Month NDA Expires on Code 10 Studios Filmed Nike Montage


The 8 month non-disclosure agreement with New York marketing firm MKTG which prohibited Code 10 Studios from publicly displaying footage filmed by co-founder Harry Locke IV during the 2011 year expired this past month, allowing us to present you an exclusive montage highligting Nike's 2011 Pro Combat line that was tailored specifically for The Ohio State University.

Short film showcase

Code 10 Studios presents two film shorts crafted under the direction of Harry Locke IV: Munich Revisited & Papa Piñata: Smuggler's Cut.

Code 10 heads west


The inevitable has come to pass, Code 10 Studios is branching out to Los Angeles, California.

Bustown Music gears first major promotion


BusTown Music
is an affiliate of Code 10 Studios, and a
supporter of local talent in and around the Columbus area's music scene. This press-release was written by Joshua Weiker, Bustown Music's Chief Editor. Please read this article in full, and if you are in the Columbus area on the 19th, consider visitng what is sure to be a dynamic and memorable evening.

New Digital Exhibitions brings Billy Ireland Collection to a close


Two digital exhibitions designed to celebrate the life and work of two seminal cartoonists, with strong Ohio relations, serve as the finishing pieces to the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum design collection.